2022 Energy Crisis in Europe

Russia’s “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine has not only brought back war to European soil but also ignited an economic conflict that has roiled the energy markets.   The US and EU agreed to sanction Russian president Vladimir Putin’s incursion into the neighboring sovereign state by placing the country under a wide-ranging embargo. European countries have … Continued

The 10 highest valued tech companies

Over the past years our society has used technology more and more and it has started to embed itself in each corner of our economy. Technology stocks have been one of the best performing long-term stocks there have been. Looking at the S&P 500 index we can see that the technology sector’s weighting has grown … Continued

Searching for Explanations for the Crypto Markets’ Struggles

The crypto markets haven’t been doing well lately. Weakness has been the trend for bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the defining assets of the cryptosphere. Even when the price managed to show signs of strength, it underwent quick corrections that erased the gains. Bitcoin, in particular, seems unable to transcend the $21,000 price area. It … Continued

Top 13 most expensive cars in 2022

2022 has proved that there is no limit at all when it comes to the beauty and price of hypercars. The difference between these cars and the most expensive luxury cars is that luxury cars still have similarities with their less expensive counterparts. Whereas a hypercar sets themselves apart from all the other cars and … Continued

How Inflation Impacts the Stock Markets

With inflation soaring and stocks struggling this year, one may assume that the two depend on one another directly. High inflation means stagnating or dropping stock prices – it would be a simple explanation. The relationship between inflation and stocks is far from simple, however. The first thing everyone must understand about this complex and … Continued

How to Convert PSD File to WordPress Theme

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms for building a website. It’s easy to use, and it’s free. It also boasts a great community of developers and designers who are always willing to help out with any questions you may have. However, not everyone who designs in Photoshop knows how to create a … Continued

Cloud-based Data Science and Cloud Computing

Every business, even a small one like a mom-and-pop store, generates data through its interactions with customers and daily activities. That data has always been there, but we didn’t have the tools to record it, let alone pore through it later to unearth various insights and optimization opportunities. Nowadays, we have the tools and people … Continued

The 7 most exciting concept cars

Most car manufacturers do not exactly hold back when it comes to concept cars. And of course it will be most exciting that way. Supercars that either do not come into production or are not intended for it, supercars without inhibitions, pure expression of a designer’s artistic vision, an engineer’s dream and a manufacturer’s hubris. … Continued

How to react to a volatile stock market and speculations

In the past few weeks media has been full of financial analysts trying to shed light on the financial markets. Is recession coming? Is the bottom close? Are we looking at a rally soon? The preachers of doom are many but there are also quite a few analysts with a more optimistic outlook saying that … Continued

In times of inflation, what would Warren Buffett do?

The short answer is probably to buy stocks cheap as he hates overpaying for stocks. This has become even clearer from a look at Berkshire Hathaway’s investments lately. In 2021, as the price tag on the stock market tended to only go up, Berkshire Hathaway remained on the defence but in the first quarter of … Continued