Volcanologists have discovered a massive lithium deposit along the border between Nevada and Oregon in the USA. They believe that this could be the largest lithium deposit ever found in the world, containing as much as 120 million metric tons of lithium.

If this is confirmed, it could be good news for the electric vehicle industry, which relies heavily on this element for batteries.

Here’s a fact: the International Energy Agency considers that EVs require six times as many minerals as conventional ICE cars. And the same body advised in 2021 that demand for lithium could grow as much as 30x by 2040.


Geologists predict that lithium extraction at the site could begin as early as 2026, but there are many decisions and processes to navigate before that can happen. For example, NASA is not particularly enthusiastic about the prospect, as seen in the following clip.

NASA pushes back against those tapping into U.S. lithium reserves

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