The news agency Bloomberg reports that the EU may force Apple to allow services to inform their users that they can pay for subscriptions through payment alternatives other than the App Store’s own, which often can be cheaper for the users.

The EU’s examination of the issue follows Spotify’s complaint to the EU four years ago when Apple prevented Spotify from informing iPhone users that they could pay for their subscriptions through payment options outside the App Store. If the EU sides with Spotify, it would mean that all services using subscriptions could inform their users about alternative payment options for their subscriptions. This, in turn, could mean that Apple might lose out on the commission fee, which is usually around 30 percent, that the App Store charges for handling payments for subscriptions.

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Bloomberg further reports that Apple could be fined for preventing services from informing users about alternatives for subscription payments. These fines could amount to up to 10 percent of Apple’s global revenue, although they are unlikely to be that high.

The EU is still working on its decision regarding payment alternatives in the App Store and potential fines for Apple. It is unclear when a final decision from the EU can be expected.

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