December 6, 2010
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Navigate the Show With New Free IBS Mobile App for Smartphones, iPads, BlackBerrys, More

A free, new 2011 NAHB International Builders’ Show mobile application is now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Android and other mobile phone types.

The app is a mobile program and exhibit guide that allows users to create personalized schedules, search a map of the Orange County Convention Center, search events and sessions, share their activities with other users and more.

To download the IBS mobile app, click here.

Using the app is easy:

To Create a Schedule

  • Visit “My Show Planner” at and log in or create a login.

  • Set your schedule by adding exhibitors that you want to visit and sessions you want to attend. You can also manually add your own events and appointments that aren’t on the official show list.

  • When you open the mobile app, go to “Settings.” Use your e-mail and password to log in to your "My Show Planner Account.” That should sync and bring your schedule to your device.

  • You can also invite friends and colleagues to download the app, and share your schedule with them. This can help you coordinate with co-workers or meet up with friends. Sharing your schedule is not automatic; the app will only communicate with the people you select.

Search and Select Education and Events

  • The app allows you to search for everything from education sessions to special events to NAHB meetings, including information like location, description and speakers. Events are sub-divided by the major tracks. By pulling the screen down, you can search all education sessions, or you can click on a track and search within that track. You can also search by speaker.

  • The app also lets you rate individual sessions and make your own notes. You can save the notes and/or e-mail them to yourself if you have a device with e-mail capability.

Search and Select Exhibits

  • Search for exhibitors by clicking on the exhibitor button and choosing your location (convention center or outside). Exhibitors are listed by name, so you can scroll through or pull the screen down to search. You can also search by booth number.

  • In the listing, you’ll find contact information and booth number, along with any materials the exhibitor has provided, such as brochures. Click the star to set an exhibitor as a favorite. You can also make notes and add the booth to your schedule as an item.

  • When you go to the exhibit floor map, exhibitors that you’ve starred as favorites will show up on the map highlighted in yellow.

  • The map looks small when you first access it, but you can zoom in to read the names of exhibitors and booth numbers. The best way to look at it is to turn your device for landscape view.

The IBS 2011 Twitter feed —!/IBS2011 — is also available on the app so users can see what clients, vendors and other attendees are discussing in real time.

Get more information and download the app at

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