Week of December 18, 2006
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Marketing More Relevant Than Ever: IBS Pre-Show Education

Marketing may be more relevant than ever, and coupled with the latest in education, could spell the difference between bringing in more prospects and languishing in a sluggish market.

“I often hear builders say that they don’t need marketing because their houses are selling,” says Hal Von Nessen, MIRM and instructor of “Lifestyle Merchandising, Advertising and Promotion Strategies (IRM III)” at the 2007 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fla. in February. “But what happens when a finished home doesn’t sell or a community stagnates?”

“Every job requires a basic knowledge of the tools of its trade,” Von Nessen, of RESH Marketing Consultants in Columbia, S.C., continues. “That is as true for sales clerks as it is for builders. It’s also true of marketing.”

Von Nessen has consulted with builders and developers from California to New York and encouraged IRM students to improve their knowledge of marketing and develop strategies to successfully promote their homes.

Pre-show courses offer a simple and convenient way to tap the expertise and knowledge of professionals like Von Nessen. Pre-show courses include:

IBS Pre-Show Course Schedule

Saturday, Feb. 3

  • RCS Designation — Planning and Scheduling
  • RCS Designation — Safety and Security
  • Advanced RCS Designation — Quality Construction for Superintendents
    BAR: Your First Step to CGB
    PREP: Your First Step to CGR 

Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 3-4 (Two-Day Courses)

  • Green Building for Building Professionals
  • House Construction as a Selling Tool
  • Lifestyle Merchandising, Advertising and Promotion Strategies (IRM III)
  • Understanding Housing Markets and Consumers (IRM I)

Sunday, Feb. 4

  • Estimating for Builders and Remodelers
  • Negotiating Skills

Monday, Feb. 5

  • RCS Concrete Specialization — Concrete Mix Designs and Troubleshooting
  • Business Management for Building Professionals (newly revised)
  • Designing for the Active Adult
  • Land Development, Site Planning and Zoning
  • Market-Focused Residential Design
  • Profitable Business through Quality Practices (previously titled Quality Construction) 

Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 5-6 (Two-Day Courses)

  • The Challenge of New Home Sales Management (IRM IV)
  • Marketing Strategies, Plans and Budgets (IRM II)

Tuesday, Feb. 6

  • Building with Insulating Concrete Forms
    Customer Service
  • Land Acquisition & Development Finance
  • Recognizing the Big-Four Safety Hazards for the Home Building Industry
  • Selling to Active Adults
  • Train the Trainer (sold out)

Thursday, Feb. 8

  • RCS Designation — Budget Management and Cost Control
    BAR: Your First Step to CGB
    PREP: Your First Step to CGR
  • Train the Trainer (sold out)

To Register

Pre-show courses at the International Builders’ Show sell out quickly, so early registration is recommended.

For course descriptions and registration information*, visit www.nahb.org/preIBS, or contact The NAHB University of Hoursing Office of the Registrar at 800-368-5242 x8EDU (8338).

*Note: Registration for these courses does not include registration for the International Builders’ Show. Separate registration fees apply.

If you are unable to attend the International Builders' Show, but would still like to register for one of the courses listed, a separate paper registration form must be either mailed or faxed to The NAHB University of Housing.

To download the registration form, click here.

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