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Mortgage Rates Not the Driving Force for Housing in Next 10 Years, Economists Say

On average, housing activity in the next 10 years is expected to hold up to levels that are just about as good …

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n Echo Generation Spurring Wave in Demand for More Rental Housing

n Lighting the Way

n Buying In to Housing Stocks

n Home Equity Loans Prompt Some to Dive Into New Pool

n Designs Elevate Front Porch

n Most Back Affordable Housing Next Door

n Affordable Housing Will Be Major Issue in Presidential Election

n Room at the Top

See how Countrywide can streamline the process for Condo/PUD Project Approvals to help get you results.
Learn how easy it can be to borrow money the smart way with Countrywide’s Home Equity Line of Credit.

Clearing Pop Up Ads From Your Screen

Unsolicited advertisements can be annoying and often force you to close your browser prematurely. Sometimes, they can even cause your computer to freeze altogether.

How can you get them off your computer screen?

The simplest way is to click the X in the series of boxes in the upper right hand corner.

You can also select the ad window along the bottom of the screen, “right click” the window and then select Close.

These steps only eliminate the ads that pop up on your screen. There is also plenty of software available to keep pop ups from recurring, but NAHB has not tested and does not endorse any specific software for this purpose. You're best bet is to investigate available software and determine what might work best for you.

In Job Growth Discussions, Builders Carry Cement Shortage Concerns to Commerce Secretary

As spot shortages of cement continue in Florida and some other parts of the country, the nation’s home builders are stepping up efforts with Administration officials and members of Congress to alleviate the problem by suspending the prohibitively high U.S. anti-dumping duty on Mexican cement.

In a meeting last week with Commerce Secretary Donald Evans, …

Housing Snapshot

After flattening out for a week, mortgage interest rates recommenced their slow upward crawl last week and rose to levels that were one full percentage point higher than the same time a year earlier and one-half percent above where they were in April. Nevertheless, the cost of home financing remained relatively affordable by historic standards. On the broader economy, news was mixed last week, with the Commerce Department reporting a 0.3% increase in consumer spending and a 0.6% increase in income in April. The week ended with the price of oil down from its recent high but still close to $40 a barrel. And the University of Michigan reported a decline in consumer confidence in May. Lumber prices continued to improve last week, but still remained considerably higher than they were a year before. According to Random Lengths, framing lumber was down $14 to $443 per 1,000 board feet. The price of 15/32-inch 3-ply CDX southern west-east plywood dropped to $400 per 1,000 square feet, compared to $255 a year earlier, and oriented strand board was down to $360, compared to $211 a year earlier but still its lowest point in some time.
Mortgage Interest Rates
30-Year Fixed-Rate 6.32%
15-Year Fixed-Rate 5.69%
1-Year ARM 3.87%
Housing Starts - Apr. 2004*
Total 1.969 million
Single-Family Starts 1.610 million
Multifamily Starts 359,000
New Home Sales
Apr. 2004*
1.093 million
Existing Home Sales
Apr. 2004*
6.64 million
* Seasonally adjusted annual rate

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