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Model Legislation Targets Ecological Terrorists

Model legislation creating penalties for persons who encourage, finance, assist or engage in acts of animal and ecological terrorism has been prepared by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act is detailed in a new publication, “Animal and Ecological Terrorism in America,” which has been published by ALEC’s Homeland Security Working Group.

“Most states make no legal distinction between a disgruntled youth vandalizing a public park and an organized eco-terrorist torching a family’s home,” said Sandy Liddy Bourne, an advisor to ALEC.

The model bill, Bourne said, would give states the ability to enter asset forfeiture proceedings against those who commit terrorist acts, which is not possible under current vandalism, trespassing and destruction of property laws.

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The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) are the two groups to which acts of domestic terrorism have been largely attributed by the FBI.

“This legislation takes more than a bite out of crime, it jails and penalizes animal and eco-terrorists and their sympathetic financial agents for what they are — domestic terrorists,” said Bourne.

In its report on terrorism, ALEC says that, “the threat posed by ELF is, without doubt, on a rapid increase.”

It is feared that some ELF members might splinter off from the group and start escalating the violence of their attacks.

“If their voice isn’t heard by burning buildings, perhaps it may be heard by cutting throats,” said ALEC. “This fear has caused many in the law enforcement and corporate communities to endorse new legislation that could effectively rout out these dubious structures of terror.”

ALEC reports that a splinter group — ARISSA — has emerged, led by two former ELF spokesmen who have said “that more direct, strategic action need[s] to be taken against the political structure itself in the United States” and that “until such time as a revolution occurs, the U.S. political structure will continue to inflict widespread atrocities on a domestic and international level.”

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