Unattended crosswalks can be a bit scary, and sometimes pedestrians may be unsure if an approaching car will actually stop or not. That’s why this little smart robot has been developed.

traffic light robot

It works like a mobile traffic light and rolls out onto the road before people cross to make sure it’s safe. Another thing they’ve done is that the robot can communicate with cars, or specifically, a grill display that they’ve developed for an Enyaq that can show animations and thus indicate that the car is stopped and it’s safe to cross.

radiator grille shows the pedestrians a similar signal

The robot has been tested in Milan and Modena in Italy and in Ljubljana in Slovenia. The tests are expected to be completed next year and a finished product could be rolled out on the streets sometime in 2025.

Simply Clever Podcast 2.0: A robot that helps you cross the road

Learn more about the project at the link below.


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