Several people within the tech industry predict that the 6G network will be launched in the early 2030s. However, some experts warn that there shouldn’t be too much hype surrounding 6G, as it could confuse consumers.

“You might be thinking now – 6G. What is that?” That sounds like a reasonable reaction.

After all, it wasn’t long ago that the 5G network was launched (in 2019) and the majority of users around the world still haven’t started using it.

Almost no one uses 5G.

According to the analysis firm Strategy Analytics, only one in seven people in the world uses a smartphone connected to the 5G network.

5G, the next generation of mobile internet after 4G, promises super-fast speed and is also a network that could support new technologies such as autonomous cars or pilotless flying taxis.

And yet 5G has not yet reached the masses, despite investments of hundreds of billions of dollars.

So why 6G?

The development of the 6G network is still in its early stages. There is still no clear idea of what the network’s technology will look like, according to CNBC.

Before it is launched, an update of the 5G network will come. Many of the current 5G networks are built on top of equipment and technology from 4G. Soon, a standalone version of 5G will be available, which uses technology that is independent of 4G.

Through this technology, 5G will become even better.

“There is still one step to come before 6G and that’s going to be called 5G advanced, which will become available on the market in a couple of years’ time,” says Nokia’s CEO Pekka Lundmark to CNBC.

Don’t confuse consumers

For now, the telecom industry’s main focus is on the development of 5G – 6G will be developed in parallel and won’t be on the market for at least 7 years.

Experts believe that there won’t be much talk about 6G until it’s time to launch it. The reason? They don’t want to confuse consumers.

And that may be understandable.

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