Safety flaws with Tesla’s autopilot system force the American electric car giant to recall over two million cars with a demand for a quick resolution.

The United States’ highest motor vehicle safety authority, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), believes that Tesla’s autopilot does not meet safety standards and that the system risks being misused.

Therefore, the company must now recall more than two million electric cars equipped with automatic driver assistance.

This is reported by Bloomberg, mentioning that the investigation into the autopilot system in the company’s self-driving electric cars has been ongoing for several years.

Monitoring Tesla’s Correction of the Fault

The American motor vehicle safety authority keeps the investigation open to monitor that Tesla addresses the serious deficiencies in the autopilot system.

“Automated technology holds great promise for improving safety, but only when used responsibly,” says NHTSA in a statement on Wednesday referred to in the Bloomberg article.

In the report on the recall of affected electric cars, Tesla announces that the company expects to begin distributing a wireless software update in the coming days.

The stock fell 1.5 percent when trading began on the stock exchange on Wall Street on Wednesday.

The recall is the second this year related to the electric car manufacturer’s automated driving system.

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