While everyone is chasing new electric motors, Yamaha is looking in another direction. At the Miami Boat Show in February 2024, they will instead showcase a hydrogen-powered engine.

There’s a classic marketing expression that goes, “dead fish go with the flow.” This seems to have become the case in today’s technological race for more efficient electric solutions for a greener future.

The Japanese motor giant Yamaha doesn’t want to go with the flow. Therefore, parallel to their electric research, they have developed a new hydrogen-powered outboard motor.

The goal is obviously set for the company’s entire production to be carbon neutral by 2050, but on the way there, they don’t want to lock themselves into one technology or one fuel.

Premiere 2024

Yamaha is still very secretive about the technical details of the new engine but promises an interesting press showing at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2024.

However, the company is not alone in developing hydrogen power.

Toyota has also come forward with a hydrogen program for both trucks and passenger cars.

One of the problems for hydrogen, like electric cars, has been to establish a good and comprehensive network of refueling stations. And to some extent, accelerating the production of the gas.

The more producers that dare to invest in hydrogen, the greater the demand becomes, as well as the incentives to invest in infrastructure.

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