China’s economic recovery this year has been a major disappointment, but next year will be better, according to state officials acting as a megaphone for the communist regime.

During 2024, the economic opportunities are greater than the challenges, claim the Chinese state officials at the Communist Party’s finance and economic office, writes Reuters, referring to state media in China.

The message from the annual central economic conference in China – held on December 11-12 – is that the macroeconomic policy will continue to support the country’s economic recovery.

It is the regime in Beijing that has set the goals for the economy for the coming year.

Rose-tinted economy, according to China’s state news agency

“China’s prices are low, the national debt is not high, and there are conditions for strengthening the implementation of monetary and fiscal policy,” writes the official state Chinese news agency Xinhua, according to Reuters.

At the same time, there are blockages in the domestic economic cycle, this is due to the fact that demand, consumption, and corporate investments remain weak, it is said.

The Communist regime’s ambition is for the world’s second-largest economy next year to transition from a post-pandemic recovery to sustained consumption growth.

This year, China expects a GDP growth of about 5 percent.

The IMF, International Monetary Fund, revised its Chinese growth forecast last month to 5.4 percent.

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