January 30, 2012
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NAHB Elevates Housing Issues Among Candidates, Media During Primary Season

NAHB’s efforts to elevate housing issues before the media and the candidates during the campaign season ― through reaction to the President’s State of the Union address, candidate receptions and more ―  has resulted in widespread media coverage for the association and housing.

The following are media highlights of the past several weeks:

  • The Sunshine State News quoted NAHB Chairman-Elect Barry Rutenberg in its report on the GOP debate in Tampa, Fla., and specifically mentioned an NAHB/National Journal reception, describing it as a “gathering to mark the political occasion.”

  • The Tampa Business Journal interviewed Rutenberg, who said that 1.5 million to 2 million “unformed households” are itching to move from living with parents or renting with roommates to buying their own home. Stating that owning a home is still the American Dream, Rutenberg added that “even those people who have lost a home are trying to get back in.”

  • National Mortgage Professional and Home Channel News each ran stories on a recent Government Accountability Report, which indicated that the Appraisal Subcommittee needs to improve its monitoring procedures. The articles quoted NAHB Chairman Bob Nielsen, who provided NAHB’s reaction to the report.

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer cited Nielsen in an article focusing on the President’s refinancing proposals in his State of the Union address and how the industry is looking for the White House to do more for housing.
  • The Hill published a story on the President’s proposal to help ease foreclosures, giving extensive coverage to NAHB’s housing positions.

  • The Las Vegas Review Journal published an article on NAHB’s nationwide housing poll of likely 2012 voters under the headline, “Home Is Where the Vote Is ― As we move into the election year, promoting homeownership remains a top issue among likely voters.”

  • The Philadelphia Daily News quoted Nielsen in an article on the health of the housing industry. Commenting on the rising Housing Market Index and the improving market conditions it indicates, Nielsen said that "this emerging trend is allowing builders to put more crews back to work.”

  • NAHB CEO Jerry Howard was cited in a USA Today article on the impact of housing in the Florida elections. “It’s folly to talk about pulling Washington out of home finance,” he said.

  • The NW Indiana Times quoted Nielsen on the release of the latest NAHB/First American Title Insurance Co. Improving Markets Index (IMI). “The fact that the list of improving housing markets nearly doubled this month shows that a significant positive trend is developing,” he said.

  • NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe was quoted in an Omaha Herald World story on a potential housing rebound for the Omaha market. Crowe said that pent-up demand from households that have not been formed yet will help to spur construction. “Builders are seeing greater interest among potential buyers as employment and consumer confidence slowly improve in a growing number of markets,” he said.

  • Crowe was interviewed by CBS Radio, ABC Radio, CNN Radio, AP Radio, CNN Money and The Wall Street Journal on the December new-home sales data released on Jan. 26 by the Commerce Department. 

  • CNN Money report, Crowe said that for every 100 homes built, 300 jobs are created. “Half of those are on construction sites and the other half are people building appliances, cabinets and other goods for the home,” he said.

  • An article by The Hill on new-home sales cited NAHB’s job creation statistics and quoted Crowe, who said: "The three-month moving average for new-home sales and numerous other indicators — such as builder confidence, new building activity and the razor-thin inventory of new homes for sale — shows that the market is basically holding its own, and no longer moving backwards."

  • An article in HousingWire suggesting that unemployed home builders are migrating to multifamily jobs cited Crowe, who noted that “many in construction have found or are looking for jobs in other sectors. Some uptick in residential remodeling and multifamily has employed a few more workers.”

  • The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, BusinessWeek, The Washington Post, MSNBC and the Washington Business Journal were among scores of media outlets that reported on the four-point rise in NAHB’s latest Housing Market Index (HMI), which gauges builder confidence in the single-family housing market.

    “Builder confidence has now risen four months in a row, with the latest uptick being universally represented across every index component and region,” Nielsen said.

  • Howard  discussed the state of the housing market and the latest HMI report with Fox Business.

  • Crowe was interviewed by CBS Radio, Marketwatch and Wall Street Journal Radio about the HMI data.

  • Crowe was quoted in a USA Today article on an improving housing outlook. “There’s now more evidence of an improvement in the economy, and housing will follow the economy,” Crowe said.

  • The Motley Fool reported on Crowe’s housing forecast for 2012.

  • NAHB Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin was quoted in an article in The Hill on the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the challenges of passing legislation to deal with them

    “We’re bracing for a year where it’s difficult to break through on important policy issues,” Tobin said.

  • The Wall Street Journal posted an online blog on Newt Gingrich attending the recent Rally for Homeownership in Columbia, S.C., and noted NAHB’s opposition to tampering with the mortgage interest deduction and the association’s effort “to make sure creditworthy consumers and small businesses can get mortgages and loans.”

  • An HSH Financial Publishers story on NAHB’s recent nationwide poll on the mortgage interest deduction and the value of homeownership quoted Nielsen on Congress passing higher FHA loan limits.

    “We commend congressional leaders in both parties and each chamber of Congress for taking this action to boost overall mortgage liquidity in the marketplace, create jobs and provide home owners and home buyers with safe and affordable financing.”

  • Crowe was interviewed by CNN Money, ABC Radio and CBS Radio on the December housing starts data. U.S. News and World Report also ran a story on the new-home construction data and quoted Crowe, who said he expects the upward trend in new single-family home construction to continue at a slow and steady pace.

  • Smart Money blog quoted Crowe on December starts. “Builders are beginning to see more activity in their sales offices — an indication that the environment will continue to improve in selected markets.”

  • NAHB Senior Economist Elliott Eisenberg was cited in an Omaha World Herald story on the health of the Omaha, Neb., housing market. For every 100 homes built, an estimated 324 jobs and $23 million flow into a local community, he said.


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