November 14, 2011
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Builders’ Tip: Fashioning an Acute-Angle Bullnose Drywall Corner

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Our customers really like bullnose corners in their homes. The rounded corners are easy on the eye, and we provide them for both vertical and horizontal 90-degree outside drywall corners.

On a recent job, however, we ran into a bullnose head-scratcher because the plans called for a 45-degree bullnose.

We searched all the likely sources but couldn’t turn up a commercially available corner with a bullnose profile more acute than 90 degrees.

As shown in the accompanying drawing, our solution was to fabricate a bullnose from existing material:

  • We took two pieces of plastic 90-degree bullnose and cut off one perforated nailing flange on each of them to fashion a more acute angle.

  • We overlapped the bullnoses and glued them together with a bead of Sikaflex urethane construction adhesive.

  • We then affixed the nailing flanges to the wall and finished the corner with joint compound and then painted.

The corner looked great.

— Paul McGee; Kihei, Hawaii

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