September 20, 2010
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Nov. 4 Webinar to Provide Tips on How to Sell Homes in Any Market

NAHB BuilderBooks will host the webinar, Think Sold! Creating Home Sales in Any Market, which will provide proven strategies that will help new-home sales professionals close the deal with more home buyers — despite the economy.

The webinar will be held from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, Nov. 4.

During the webinar participants will:

  • Gain insight into using a proven system of visualization to practice their performance, perfect sales techniques and create a successful outcome

  • Learn effective strategies for communicating successfully with prospective buyers by helping them overcome their fear of value depreciation

  • Get tips and techniques for overcoming resistance and close  with confidence

The program will feature Tammy Lynch, real estate broker, consultant and author of “Think Sold: Creating Home Sales in Any Market.”

Participants are encouraged to e-mail questions for the webinar to Patricia Potts at NAHB by Wednesday, Oct. 27. 

Participants will receive a complimentary copy of Lynch’s “Think Sold!” publication and can earn one hour of continuing education credit for their NAHB professional designations.

To Register

The webinar is $26.95 for NAHB members and $28.95 for non-members.

To register, visit Registrants will receive e-mail confirmations.

For more information, e-mail Patricia Potts, or call her at 800-368-5242 x8224.

In Today’s Market, 'Think Sold!' With Help From NAHB BuilderBooks

Think Sold! Creating Home Sales in Any Market,” available at NAHB BuilderBooks, is a practical, how-to guide for developing the self-awareness, knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the competitive field of new home sales.

The book covers everything from the home buying process and new home financing to strategies for making better sales presentations and sizing up the competition. It teaches readers how to overcome customers’ concerns and provides specific examples of how to explain the benefits of new home features in customer-friendly language.

“Think Sold” provides insights on how to approach sales and life from a position of optimism that will create successful outcomes; how to improve upon potential customer prospecting and follow-up skills; and how to communicate effectively with various types of buyers and learn how to adjust communication strategies to increase rapport and alignment with buyers’ motives.

To view or purchase this publication online, click here, or call 800-223-2665.

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