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Week of August 9, 2004

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* Workers in the South Singing Housing Affordability Blues
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* Pedestrian-Friendly Project Mixes Homes, Shops and Offices in North Carolina
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* Please Take the Time to Help Us Solve the GLI Crisis

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* Bill Would Allow Businesses to Fax Clients Without Written Consent
* Zero Downpayment Bill Introduced in the Senate
* House Bill Boosts Section 8 Appropriations, Cuts Other HUD Programs

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* Commerce Department Urged to Stop Dragging Its Feet on Eliminating Lumber Duties

Construction Safety

* OSHA Considers Requiring Employers to Pay for Employee Personal Protective Equipment

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* Wanted: Volunteers to Serve on ICC Code Development Committees
* HUD Releases Draft IBC Report for Public Comment


* Multifamily Stock Index Hits an All-Time High

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* The Importance of Good Design: A Remodeler’s Perspective
* Home Owners Creating the Ultimate Spa Experience

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* Tech Talk: Process Integration Levels Your Playing Field


* Anti-Growth Arsons Reported in the West

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* Washington Post Examines Imbalance Between New Jobs and Housing

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* Active Adult Housing Most Expensive in Aspen, Colorado
* Former Go-Kart Racing Facility Converted Into Successful Seniors Apartment Community
* Enter the 'Best of Seniors Housing' Awards Competition
* 20 Club Forming for Seniors Housing

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* Conference to Focus on Using Industry Performance Standards to Improve Business


* Job Corps Funding Receives a Boost in the House, But Labor Initiatives Fall Short

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* Paper Attachment System Improves Finishing Sander

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* Over-Engineering — Wind and Earthquake Design

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Anti-Growth Arsons Reported in the West

Members of the radical environmental group, Earth Liberation Front (ELF), are claiming responsibility for arson and attempted arson at three residential construction sites in Snohomish County, WA.

ELF, which uses arson, vandalism and other illegal methods to make their point, also is tied to June's $1.5 million arson fire in a St. Lake City area lumberyard. The Associated Press reports that the initials "ELF" were spray painted on a building at the lumberyard and on a truck, and that no one was injured. Messages including, "If you build it, we will burn it," along with anti-sprawl sentiments are typically associated with ELF attacks.

The Seattle Times reported on June 12 that 10 area police departments were put on alert for possible acts of sabotage by ELF during their so-called "day of action and solidarity."

The FBI says that the ELF has caused more than $100 million in damage since 1996. The group has been linked to arson and vandalism at agriculture research labs, logging operations, sport utility vehicle dealerships and construction sites. The costliest incident to date involved a $50 million fire last year that destroyed a five-story apartment complex under construction in San Diego. Additionally, the FBI reports that attacks claimed by ELF are moving into more densely populated areas.

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NAHB Takes Action

In response to increased ELF activity, NAHB is setting up meetings with the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to discuss what additional efforts association members can take to better secure their job sites against potential attacks.

Additionally, at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in June, Laer Pearce & Associates made a presentation that focused on how builders can keep themselves from becoming victims of “green collar crime” and also get their projects out from under the barrage of community opposition. Panelists suggested a number of strategies for combating environmental extremists. To read the story in the July 17 edition of Nation’s Building News Online, click here.

Further, according to its Web site, the grassroots organization, Stop-Eco Violence! ( is committed to raising the awareness of eco-terrorism and the harm it causes others and to advancing legislative and law enforcement efforts to eradicate violence committed in support of environmentally motivated agendas. The group states that these homegrown terrorists put people at great physical risk and cause very real harm. Visit the site for more information and alerts, or read the July 21, 2003 NBN Online story by clicking here.

Precautions Builders Can Take

In the meantime, NAHB is urging members to take appropriate measures and institute precautions as they see fit to ensure security at their job site, especially after-hours. These precautions could include:

  • Meeting with security companies, local law enforcement officials, fire departments and insurance providers to learn how to better protect their construction sites from arson
  • Installing security video cameras and signage stating that the job site is monitored and protected via security cameras

NAHB will report progress on this issue to the membership in NBN Online and through the local executive officers.
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