August 8, 2011
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EPA Requires Remodelers to Provide Clients Information on Testing for Lead Paint Dust

The Environmental Protection Agency is advising home owners to test their homes for lead paint dust after getting any remodeling or renovation work done, and it is now requiring remodelers to inform home owners of that option through its newly revised “Renovate Right” pamphlet.

After pressure from Congress and an NAHB-led coalition forced the EPA to back away from clearance testing in its recent amendment to the Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule, this revision appears to be the EPA’s way of encouraging consumers to choose it anyway, rather than relying on the cleaning verification that professional remodelers are already required to perform, noted NAHB environmental policy analyst Matt Watkins.

Under the RRP rule, prior to beginning any remodeling work, remodelers, window installers and other contractors are required to distribute the “Renovate Right” brochure to property owners and tenants living in homes built before 1978.

To be in compliance with the law, remodelers and other contractors who want to use copies of the April 2010 version of the pamphlet will have to print out and insert page 10, “For Property Owner: After the Work is Done,” which brings lead-dust testing to the attention of the recipient.

“Renovate Right” should be delivered in person or mailed to the home owner no less than seven and no more than 60 days before a remodeling project.

Remodelers working in a common area of a multifamily building must ensure that a copy of the publication is posted at the job site or distributed to all residents.

In the case of daycare centers or other child-occupied facilities, the brochure needs to be posted or given to the parents or guardians. 

For more information, email Kelly Mack at NAHB, or call her at 800-368-5242 x8451; or contact Matt Watkins, x8327.

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