April 18, 2011
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Builders’ Tip: Get a Grip on Grommet-less Tarp

Trying to tie down plastic tarp or sheeting over equipment or other items that need to be covered or protected from the elements can be a bit of a hassle when the grommets don't line up for a secure tie-down or, as with plastic sheeting, there are no grommets to hook onto.

But I found a way to tie the plastic down, and all I needed were some bungee cords and golf balls.

Here’s how to get a good grip and tie-down:

  • Gather the plastic where you want to attach a bungee cord around a golf ball and twist it around the ball two or three times.

  • Next, hook one end of the bungee cord behind the plastic gathered around the golf ball and secure the other end to your other tie-down point.

The tension on the bungee cord will keep the tarp or sheeting securely in place.

— R.W. Johnson, Costa Mesa, Calif.

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