April 18, 2011
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Remodelers Tackle National Green Building Standard Revision

Home remodeling will become a new stand-alone section of the National Green Building Standard after revision by the Task Group on Remodeling.

During its first meeting at the National Housing Center in Washington, D.C., on March 29-30, the task group proposed pulling the remodeling notes from the standard in order to create an entirely new section devoted solely to green remodeling.

“The purpose of the new section is to clarify and simplify certification of remodeling projects under the National Green Building Standard,” explained Paul Sullivan, task group chair and a remodeler from Massachusetts. “The essence of the requirements will be the same, but we want one path for remodelers to follow that is easier to understand.”

Originally developed in 2007-2008 by NAHB and the International Code Council, the National Green Building Standard was approved by the American National Standards Institute in January 2009, making it the first ANSI standard for a scoring system for sustainable/green residential construction, remodeling and renovation projects and land development.

While more than 2,200 projects have been certified to the standard since its approval by ANSI, less than 3% have been remodels. Remodelers have expressed the frustration that the remodeling component was too complex to follow and score, especially because it was embedded within requirements for new construction.

In addition to creating the separate section in the standard for whole-house remodeling projects, the task group will be drafting guidelines for basic certification of kitchen, bath and basement remodels. The criteria will be in the form of a checklist and will allow home owners to get a taste of certification without scoring to the silver, gold or emerald level.

“A lot of remodels these days are just small projects like kitchens, baths or basements,” said Ray Tonjes, vice chair of the task group and a remodeler from Austin, Texas. “We want to get consumers excited by offering a certification for small remodels. Hopefully they will consider the benefits of a whole-house remodel in the future.”

NAHB builfder members on the Task Group on Remodeling include: 

NAHB associate members in the task group are:

After receiving support from the Consensus Committee — which is composed of a diverse group of residential construction industry stakeholders —  the task group began pulling remodeling notes from the current standard to draft the new remodeling section.

The task group will submit recommendations to the full Consensus Committee, which will deliberate on them and other proposed changes during public hearings scheduled for June 13-17 at the National Housing Center.

The NAHB Research Center is again acting as the secretariat, or administrator, of the ANSI standards development process for the National Green Building Standard.

As an ANSI-approved standard, the document is subject to regular updates so that advances in building codes, technology and other developments can be incorporated.

In the development of its standards, ANSI holds to principles such as allowing all directly and materially affected persons to participate and not allowing any single interest to dominate the proceedings.

The credibility of the National Green Building Standard is based on this rigorous ANSI process.

After the June meeting, Consensus Committee members will be balloted on the formal committee actions. The results of the balloting will produce a draft standard that will be released for public comment, with a deadline of Sept. 21.

The last meeting of the Consensus Committee and yask groups will be held the week of Nov. 28 in a public hearing to consider, discuss and take formal committee action on the comments submitted on the draft standard.

The newly updated National Green Building Standard will be submitted to ANSI for approval in 2012.

For additional information — such as Consensus Committee and task group rosters, the proposed changes, comment deadlines, meeting dates and future updates on the 2012 standard development process — visit www.nahbrc.com/ngbs.

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