March 21, 2011
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HBI Adds 14 New Community Organization Partners to Youth Mentoring Program
An HBI C-CORE mentor encourages one of his C-CORE youth members during a community service project at the Las Amigas Residential Center in Tucson, Ariz.

The Home Builders Institute (HBI), the workforce development arm of NAHB, recently added 14 community organizations to its Construction-Coaching Opportunities to Reach Employment (C-CORE) partnership program, which provides mentoring services for youths who exhibit promise and aptitude for working in the construction industry.

Funded by a three-year grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, the residential construction industry-sponsored C-CORE mentoring program matches youths aged 16 to 18 with mentors recruited from the greater home building community — from carpenters and contractors to real estate agents and appraisers.

“Developing strong relationships with community partners is key to ensuring the success of the HBI C-CORE mentoring program,” said Fred Humphreys, president and chief executive officer of the Home Builders Institute. “These partnerships provide structure at the grassroots level to ensure that mentoring services are being delivered effectively and provide young people with a knowledgeable resource as they pursue careers in the home building industry.”

Through the C-CORE program, students are able to give back to their communities by participating with their mentors in service projects that promote leadership development and relationship building.

With the addition of the 14 new community partners, C-CORE mentoring is now available in 28 communities throughout the Southeast, Southwest and California.

HBI provides training, mentoring, curriculum development and job placement services, preparing youths and adults for careers in the housing industry.

HBI C-CORE community partners facilitate the day-to-day operations of the mentoring programs in each of their cities. They are responsible for recruiting and training mentors, facilitating positive relationships between mentors and mentees and improving the employability of mentees through leadership development and community engagement.

The following new organizations will serve as HBI C-CORE community partners:

Click here for a full list of C-CORE locations.

For more information about the C-CORE program or to become a mentor, visit; or e-mail Tadar Muhammad at HBI, or call her at 863-557-5054. 


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