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CertainTeed Adds Protection Against Foundation Leakage

Through an exclusive agreement with Armtec of Canada, CertainTeed Corporation is now offering U.S. builders and foundation contractors added protection against foundation leakage.

The manufacturer’s Platon DOUBLEDRAIN is a double-sided high-density polyethylene (HDPE)-studded membrane used to wrap foundations during the construction process to help prevent interior moisture penetration.

Used in residential and light commercial projects, DOUBLEDRAIN has a toxicity of zero and is chemically inert, making it environmentally friendly.

Featuring drainage channels on both sides with geotextile laminated to one side, the system provides soil-side and wall-side drainage and protection of elastomeric waterproofing for a complete waterproof barrier on foundations to a depth of 20 feet. Additionally, with full control of the ground water level at the base of the wall, DOUBLEDRAIN can be used for independent dam proofing applications without a primary membrane.

To install DOUBLEDRAIN, contractors simply unroll the product horizontally on top of either liquid or peel-and-stick waterproofing around the foundation. DOUBLEDRAIN is then easily fastened near the top of the membrane with Platon Cramps. Platon Molding is then applied along the top edge to prevent dirt from entering the air gap and clogging the drainage path. To complete the system, vertical and horizontal seams are overlapped to channel water directly to the footing drain before it reaches the wall.

CertainTeed began stocking Platon products early this year at its plant in McPherson, Kan., a manufacturing facility for its Form-A-Drain foundation footing system. The addition of Platon products gives customers the flexibility to combine the purchasing and shipment of both market-leading products.

Platon is part of CertainTeed’s line of premium foundation products, which also includes Form-A-Drain and ThermaEZE.

Form-A-Drain is a patented three-in-one concrete footing form system, foundation drainage system and sub-slab perimeter radon reduction system. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) lineal sections are used in place of wood or aluminum to form the footing, and they remain in place after the concrete is poured.

ThermaEZE is an innovative technology that provides a cost-effective means for building thermally efficient above- and below-grade poured concrete walls. ThermaEZE insulation panels, which consist of moisture-resistant expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, are set within the wall forms prior to pouring and held in place by a patented web structure that becomes embedded in the concrete.

Headquartered in Valley Forge, Pa., CertainTeed Corporation is a member of the National Council of the Housing Industry — The Leading Suppliers of NAHB.

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