Week of June 18, 2007
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NAHB Members Encouraged to Join ICC Process

NAHB is seeking more candidates for membership in the International Code Council who understand the home building industry and the importance of making sure that building code proposals are both practical and cost-effective.

The candidates must be members of local building councils or commissions or work as a plan reviewer or building inspector — even part time.

Governmental member voting representatives make decisions that have a profound effect on the residential construction industry. These decisions represent the constant struggle to continue to balance safety and durability with the cost of new homes.

In addition to building and fire service departments, governmental members can be staffers in planning and zoning departments, labor and workforce groups, state and local committees (such as a state housing finance committee) or similar volunteer governmental body — anyone engaged in administering, formulating or enforcing laws and regulations related to public health, safety and welfare.

NAHB members who meet the criteria are encouraged to contact ICC members in their jurisdictions to see if they can be designated as voting representatives for that member. 

For additional information, e-mail Steve Orlowski at NAHB, or call him at 800-368-5242 x8303.

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