Week of December 12, 2005
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Holiday Lighting Requires Safe Handling

A company that emphasizes the safe use of electric power, Square D, a brand of Schneider Electric, is reminding its customers to handle holiday lighting responsibly.

Headquartered in Palatine, Ill., Square D is a member of the National Council of the Housing Industry — the Supplier 100 of NAHB.

Following is a list of holiday lighting safety tips from Square D:

  • Don’t plug more than three strings of lights together in a single outlet.

  • Don’t share outlets or extension cords with other appliances.

  • Use a multi-outlet surge protection strip if you need more outlets.

  • Match plugs with outlets — never force a three-prong electrical plug into a two-prong receptacle or extension cord.

  • Don’t hide cords under rugs, carpets, draperies or across doorways.

  • Watch out for flickering lights, warm wall switch plates and outlets, or lights that dim when appliances are turned on.

One Disaster Is Enough

Following this fall’s hurricanes, Square D provided consumers in flooded areas with information on how to restore electrical power safely, reminding them that water can be a conductor of electricity and to be aware of potential hazards that may exist when water comes in contact with electrical equipment.

“In many cases the water that has been in contact with the equipment has been contaminated with substances that can negatively affect the equipment’s integrity,” Square D says. “Remaining water, debris, rust and chemical contaminants are just some of the sources of hazard. If electrical distribution or control equipment has been in contact with water or moisture, it must be replaced.”

Another warning from Square D: "Residual debris or wet surfaces may result in a loss of dielectric spacing within the equipment, presenting a hazard upon re-energization.” However, “some equipment may be reconditioned as determined by a professional."

Before restoring electrical power, Square D suggests that customers always seek professional advice and contact a qualified electrician, local electrical building code inspector, trained factory service personnel and the local electric utility.

This feature is solely for educational and informational purposes. Nothing on this page should be construed as policy, an endorsement, warranty or guaranty by the National Association of Home Builders of the featured product or the product manufacturer. The National Association of Home Builders expressly disclaims any responsibility for any damages arising from the use, application or reliance on any information contained on this page.

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