Week of March 7, 2005
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Builders' Tip: Fitting Stair Treads

Cobbled together out of scrap plywood, the jig  shown in the drawing makes it easy to fit stair treads between a pair of walls or skirtboards.

[Click for larger image]

To use the jig:

  1. Loosen the wing nuts and lay the jib across the tread cuts of the stair stringers with its back tight against the riser cuts.

  2. Extend the legs so that they are snug against the walls or skirtboards and tighten all nuts.

  3. Remove the jig carefully, place it onto the tread stock and scribe the end cuts on the stock.

  4. When cutting, leave just a trace of the cutline for a perfect fit.

— Robert Plourde, Atlanta

Tips & Techniques provided by Fine Homebuilding.
©2005 The Taunton Press





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