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‘HousingEconomics Online’ Provides In-Depth Analysis of Housing Market

“HousingEconomics Online” is a new online publication from the NAHB Economics Group that provides the latest housing economic data, trends and key events that shape the economy. NAHB’s leading economists analyze and synthesize the housing and economic information to provide in-depth analyses of the niches and nuances of the home building market.

“HousingEconomics Online” replaces and consolidates NAHB’s three print monthly economic publications: “Home Builders Forecast,” “Housing Market Statistics” and “Housing Economics.” Subscribers now can receive the economic data and information they need from one reliable source.

Available only by subscription, “HousingEconomics Online” can be accessed directly at www.housingeconomics.com.

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Dynamic, Interactive and Updated Regularly

“HousingEconomics Online” is a dynamic, interactive Web-based forum that is updated regularly in order to provide rigorous economic, demographic and government policy analysis of market-driven macroeconomic indicators including GDP, employment, interest rates and more. Subscribers have the opportunity to study the latest economic and housing data using the Desktop Analyst. Its easy-to-read tables and graphs provide monthly, quarterly and annual data for more than 250 variables.

“HousingEconomics Online” combines scientific research with practical applications in order to provide housing-oriented insights for builders, manufacturers and housing finance professionals and assist in their business planning.

Available at Two Subscription Levels

"HousingEconomics Online" is available at two subscription levels — Pro and Executive. Each level includes the features and functions as indicated below:

  • Seiders’ Report — A monthly economic and housing overview by NAHB Chief Economist David F. Seiders; the Seiders’ Report tracks the health of the housing industry (new construction) with analyses of major legislative, regulatory and executive actions as well as the impact of important technology. The report incorporates the results of the monthly NAHB-Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) survey, the High Production Builders’ survey, NAHB leadership meetings with the Federal Reserve and feedback from more than 800 local associations.
  • NAHB Economic & Housing Forecast A two-year national forecast of economic activity, prices, interest rates and housing activity from the NAHB Economics Group.
    • The Pro-level forecast contains historical data with annual and quarterly forecasts for all indicators.
    • The Executive-level forecast contains an executive summary; in-depth details plus historical data with annual and quarterly forecasts for all indicators.
  • Housing Activity — A monthly review of national production, sales and prices for both the single-family and multifamily housing markets from Senior Economist Dean Crist.
  • Housing Policy Focus — Features from NAHB’s Federal Regulatory and Housing Policy Group.
  • Multifamily Housing Quarterly — A quarterly review of news and trends affecting the multifamily housing market.
  • State and Metro Focus — Building permit and employment statistics broken-down by state and metro regions.
  • Housing Market Statistics — All of the key data and primary indicators of the national housing industry in one easy-to-navigate location, Housing Market Statistics compiles information from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Federal Reserve Board, Office of Thrift Supervision, National Association of Realtors®, Mortgage Bankers Association, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Coldwell-Banker, Freddie Mac and other public and private agencies.
  • Economics Calendar — A schedule of release dates for principal economic indicators and a calendar of upcoming events sponsored by, or including members of the NAHB Economics Group.
  • The Archives — An extensive PDF archive of past issues of Housing Economics” and "Housing Market Statistics." (Home Builders Forecast” is available only at the Executive level.)

In addition, subscribers at the Executive level receive the following features:

  • Home Builders Forecast — "Home Builders Forecast," released 10 times a year, offers six unique forecast types of varied geographic/sector focus. Forecasts include a remodeling, long-term, state, 100 largest metropolitan areas, multifamily and non-residential sector forecasts. An economic forecast focused specifically on the housing industry, Home Builders Forecast incorporates NAHB’s survey results as well as the feedback of more than 800 local associations around the country.
  • The Desktop Analyst — The source for sorting and viewing housing and economic statistics, NAHB’s Desktop Analyst allows you to view current and historical data, create custom charts and graphs and download the results for later use.
  • NAHB Staff of Economists Access to personal insight from the NAHB Economics Group who are on call to answer your forecasting questions and help you apply forecasts to your business situation. Special tabulations of historical and forecast data also can be prepared for an additional fee.

Subscribers can choose the subscription level that best meets their business needs. To learn more about “HousingEconomics Online” or to subscribe, visit www.housingeconomics.com.

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