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Remodelers Finding Opportunity in New Laundry Room Trends

A separate laundry room is at least a plus, and even a must, for 95% of those responding to a recent NAHB consumer preference survey.

“Today’s laundry room has moved upstairs into the living quarters, and it is spacious, practically rivaling the kitchen in finishes and gadgets,” said NAHB Remodelors™ Council Chairman Douglas Sutton, Sr. of Sutton Siding and Remodeling in Springfield, IL. “People want comfortable workspaces no matter what activity they are doing, and they don’t want to lug laundry up and down stairs.”

Catering to consumers who are looking for convenience when they do the wash — a chore that typically takes seven to nine hours a week — laundry rooms are moving into spaces adjacent to kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms, according to Remodelors™ Council members.

Some home owners also want their laundry room to blend in with the rest of the house, with crown moulding and hardwood or tiled floor to match adjacent rooms, remodelers said.

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Other features that are appearing with increasing frequency in remodeling jobs include:

  • More counter space to fold, iron or sew clothes, with granite or Formica countertops like those found in the kitchen
  • Cabinets for storing laundry detergent and other products, often in wood finishes normally found in the kitchen
  • Bigger, high-end appliances — washers and dryers that can handle growing wash loads and even two dryers to keep up with the washer
  • To give the laundry room a more sophisticated look, built-in cabinets or closets to hide appliances when they are not being used

The NAHB University of Housing Offers Courses and Designation Programs

The NAHB University of Housing offers a variety of business management courses and professional designation programs that set builders and remodelers apart from the competition. For a complete list of current offerings, click here.

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