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n New Single-Family Home Sales Set Record in March
n A Healthier Economy Bodes Well for Nation’s Housing Industry, Analysts Say
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n Economists Differ About Regional Strength of Housing Markets
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n New Ozone Standard Raises Development Concerns in Nearly 500 Counties
n Earth Day Celebrations Cite Advancements in Green Building
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n Costly Residential Central Air Conditioner Standard Set for 2006
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n Real Estate Investment Can Help Contactors Accumulate Wealth
n Consumers More Knowledgeable About Remodeling
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n Information to Help Builders Become More Profitable Is on the Web
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Information to Help Builders Become More Profitable Is on the Web

As a builder, do you…

If you are seeking help in these or other areas to improve your business and become more profitable, search the online business management resources available at Business Management Tools, a special, members-only section of www.nahb.org.

Provided by NAHB’s Business Management Department, Business Management Tools contains articles, Web pages, books and other resources developed by and for contractors. Their voices and best practices appear throughout these materials, providing hands-on, workable solutions to the business issues you encounter on a daily basis.

Members Save at BuilderBooks.com
Reach 100,000+ Builders & Contractors
Membership has its Advantages
Learn More. Earn More. The NAHB University of Housing.

If it's technology information you need, Business Management Tools also includes information from IT professionals and consultants who know the home building industry inside and out.

NAHB' business assistance is organized into 10 categories for your convenience so you can get the answers you need fast:

Browse the categories or search for specific topics. Visit Business Management Tools by choosing the first tab under "Resources" on NAHB’s home page. These materials are available 24 hours a day to help you increase your profits and improve your productivity.

You can also suggest additional topics by e-mailing mchilds@nahb.com or jtunick@nahb.com.

Business Management Publications Available at BuilderBooks.com

BuilderBooks.com offers a variety of other publications about business management. To view or purchase these publications online, click here.

University of Housing Offers Courses on Customer Service and Business Management

The NAHB University of Housing offers a course on business management designed to help builders improve their business and profitability. For a list of current offerings, click here. Search keywords: “Introduction to Business Management.”

Subscribe to NAHB’s Business of Building e/Source

NAHB’s Business of Building e/Source is your monthly electronic guide to the hot issues and emerging trends in home building business management. You’ll find practical advice, tricks of the trade and sound business guidance — all delivered monthly, straight to your desktop, in a quick and easy-to-read format. Business of Building e/Source is available free to NAHB members and their employees. To subscribe, click here on the members-only side of www.nahb.org.

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